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How to style the perfect bar cart with 10 simple things!

I am truly obsessing over my bar cart these days- it is perfect for entertaining and such a conversation piece! If you are like me and in your upper twenties or early thirties, this is a must have! My apartment is very gold & glam, so naturally I went with an all gold and glass bar cart. I originally purchased mine last year from Wayfair, but this exact model is currently out of stock! Bummer, I know. Here is a similar one that you can snag from Overstock: Click here for the bar cart!

Once your get your cart assembled, here are some essentials to keeping it stocked and looking its best:

  1. Mixers- I went with Fever Tree tonic water, mostly because I loved the glass bottle and gold label. You can snag some here. San Pellegrino is also the perfect sparkling water to add some height and color to your cart. These are sold all over, but I bought mine from WalMart! You can find them here. They come in plastic or glass too!

  2. Non-alcoholic beverages- Polar Seltzer is always a crowd favorite. Everyone has that one sober friend, right?

  3. Champagne- There is always something to celebrate! I always make sure that I have champagne on deck for that special occasion! Veuve Clicquot Rose Brut is my drink of choice right now, to celebrate my recent job change. This is also sold at WalMart and can be found here.

  4. Wine Glasses- Large wine glasses are all the rage. Crate & Barrel carries similar ones here, and I have also found some on West Elm, Amazon, or even your neighborhood yard sale!

  5. Rocks Glasses- As a former restaurateur, these are perfect for any drink "on the rocks", aka by itself on ice. Ladies, men hate drinking out of girly glasses, so keep some of these on hand, even if they are collecting dust somewhere! I also love to keep some whiskey or bourbon on mine, since not everyone likes light liquors. Elijah Craig is the brand I currently have stocked, which carries a signature warm spice and subtle smoke flavor.

  6. Coasters- To balance out the femininity of the cart, I opted for a wooden coaster. Not only to they accentuate my kitchen finishes, but they also add a bit of neutral color to your bar cart.

  7. Tito's Vodka- Tito's is by far one of the best vodkas out there! Not only is it made in Texas, but it is gluten-free. This is a major win for my fellow gluten-free gals out there! I prefer to mix mine with lemonade, but it is also amazing in bloody mary's, served chilled, or in a lemon drop martini.

  8. A Bottle Opener- This one is self-explanatory, but often overlooked! Imagine you have a group of people over and they brought beer or cider; avoid the entertaining faux-pas and grab yourself one of these! Check your local Home Goods, TJ MAXX, West Elm, or Crate and Barrel for one.

  9. A Cheese Board- See above; you must be prepared if guests bring small bites to snack on! A cheese board can easily double as an oh-so-chic serving platter for cheese and crackers, desserts, jams, finger sandwiches, & more!

  10. Artwork- This is often overlooked, but recently I saw a bar cart on Pinterest with some artwork behind it and had an "aha!" moment. I had this Prada canvas lying around and thought how wonderful it would look behind my bar cart! I have seen so many cute signs on Etsy, Amazon, Home Sense, & more!

Some other fun suggestions for bar cart accent pieces include cocktail recipe books (who doesn't like playing mixologist?), drink shakers & stirrers, whiskey stones, small plants or flower vases, and candles! You can also add freshly baked treats or candy to yours in an apothecary jar. I also wanted to add a little something extra to mine, so I went with a small faux fur rug that I snagged on Amazon. This rug continues to change locations in my apartment since it is so versatile! Need a backdrop for Poshmark? Got it. Need a cute rug to stand on for selfies? Done. Need a rug at the base of your mirror? You get the drift.

To keep things fun, you can also swap out some of the decor to match the seasons. I have seen some amazing holiday bar carts on Pinterest and truly am inspired to keep mine changing all throughout the year. I hope you found this post helpful and can't wait to see all of your bar carts! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, & Pinterest @jackiebellexo for more!

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