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A few months ago, I got accepted to be a RewardStyle Influencer. I was THRILLED! For any inspiring blogger or social media guru, this was a huge moment. It finally meant that I could start monetizing my Instagram, Pinterest, & blog feed. For anyone who isn't familiar with RewardStyle, it is essentially the parent company of and allows you to share shoppable links with your followers for an array of products, clothing, accessories, home decor, & more. Thus, any photo on Instagram or Pinterest can automatically redirect a follower to the participating store's website to that exact product link, all the while tracking the source of this back to your direct link. See below for a screenshot of how my feed looks- each of the products that I am wearing is linked in the photo!

In order to find me on the app, simply go under the "discover" icon > "Influencer Search" and type @jackiebellexo. Viola! Watch the below video for step by step instructions. You can also find me here: or shop my Gucci tights here:

While the normal commission rate on products ranges from a few cents to just a few dollars, there are some high value items that yield a high return. Other retailers such as Fabletics pay a 28-40% commission on products! It is important to note that not all websites partner with RewardStyle (i.e., but you can easily find similar products on other retailers such as This is an amazing way to earn a passive income, all the while working a full time job!

If you are interested in becoming an influencer on RewardStyle or, send me an email or a message on Instagram and I can refer you as well as give you tips and tricks for getting started! Happy Friday babes! xo

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